The weight of the diamond


1 Carat= 1/5 gram = 0.2 gram = 100 points

5 Carats = 1 gram only

1/2 Carat = 50 points

1/4 Carat = 25 points

The origin of the name Carat comes from the Carob tree which is called “Ceration” in Greek. Each carob seed equals 1 carat.

1/4 Carat = 1 Grainer

1 Carat = 4 Grainer



Of course, as much as the weight of a diamond increases, so does its value.

As the weight of a diamond increases beyond a certain point (0.50ct, 1.00ct, 1.50ct, 2.00ct, 3.00ct, 4.00ct) the value of the diamond rises dramatically.

The Rapaport List (the industry standard price list for diamonds) is divided into different weight groups. Thus, diamonds weighing these “rounded” amounts are worth substantially more than slightly lighter stones.

For instance, by the Rapaport Diamond Report from the 22 of November 2019: a round diamond that weighs 0.99ct in the highest color and clarity grade will cost $13,000 per carat. The exact same diamond that weighs 1.00ct will cost $18,000 per carat. This is a dramatic gap in the price between 2 diamonds that look exactly alike and there is no way we can see the difference between them without a scale.